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Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Collection: Power Play

It looks like Miss Wu is growing younger with age – in a good way! With miniature styles and spunky details, Jason Wu is feeling less mature and more on-trend for Pre-Fall 2012. There’s a strong sense of cuteness at play. Even with classically streamlined foundations, no bag is taken too seriously – scalloped details, plump hanging tabs, and contrasting hues of matter leather against patent make sure we know that.
The Jourdan cross-body chain-strap wallet is clean with a fair amount of intrigue, and the petite scale is just the size I’m craving these days. Karlie, a streamlined clutch, gets a hint of arts-and-craftiness with rickrack-style trimming; Jason’s appliqués are classy, not folksy. The Miss Wu looks cuter than ever in this mini version – with symmetrical hardware, I could swear her sweet owl face is smiling at me! I’m glad Jason is finding his groove with bags. I can’t help but wonder which side of his Miss Wu alter-ego he will introduce us to next. Check out the goods at

5 thoughts on “Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Collection: Power Play

  1. Link you posted for Jason Wu actually goes to, some person’s photography website

  2. The last bag is cute!

  3. for some reason these link to the wrong jason wu (webpage)

  4. Anonymous on said:

    so chic and cute!

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