Jennifer Meyer Lizard Cuff: Reptile Redux

As much as I love lizard-skin bags, if I see an actual lizard (real or not) I scream and flee in fear. Until this little guy came along! This is the first time the slithering animal hasn’t scared me – this curvy 18-karat gold cuff is enchanting, not creepy-crawly.

That’s why I adore Jennifer Meyer‘s approach to jewels. Her leaf-pendant necklace put her on the scene when Jennifer Aniston wore it in “The Break-Up” in 2006. Since then, her nature- and spirit-inspired designs have exhibited approachable appeal you want to wear every day. This friendly lizard, completely with ruby eyes, is bolder than her delicate pendants, but it could go from black-tie to casual with just a switch of a few accessories. In sync with natural elements yet utterly glamorous: just the way I like my reptiles. Email purchase inquiries to:

Pair with: I never pictured starfish and lizards as a team until now. Yves Saint Laurent is drawing inspiration from the sea this season, and their Riviera canvas wedges are pure ocean fun. On Net-a-Porter for $745.

One thought on “Jennifer Meyer Lizard Cuff: Reptile Redux

  1. Yves Saint Laurent is probably a 80-s fan! Afros, star-glasses, bell-shaped sleeves trousers – that shoes are perfectly matches that style!

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