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Klorane Shampoo/Conditioner with Pomegranate

Klorane is very popular in Europe and I often see their dry shampoo backstage during Fashion Week (though when I was in Paris for the shows two years ago I noticed the brand being used considerably more over there). Well…the Europeans are on to something! The brand’s philosophy is to meld natural ingredients with proven scientific data so they rely on pharmaceutical know-how and clinically proven data for all their products. I’ve been using Klorane’s Shampoo ($18) and Conditioner ($14) with Pomegranate for a few weeks now and I’m loving them for their lightweight feel, light scent, and while they did a study that showed that color lasts up to two times longer when using these two products I have no way of proving that right or wrong — what I can say for sure is that I didn’t need to combine the conditioner with a hair mask for it to de-tangle my long, knot-prone hair and that my hair was noticeably shiner after using both products. To boot, they don’t weigh my hair down and do a good job at moisturizing. Little surprise that pomegranate is known as such a powerful superfood!


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