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Les Petits Joueurs Kiki Gold-Plated Cross Necklace: Lego My Jewels!

I can’t decide if this Lego-cross necklace is cute and funky or overly kitsch. A frisky spin on a traditional cross is quirky fun, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be up for wearing something my daughters play with around my neck. Even if it is trimmed in gold plating. Worn by the right woman, though, and layered to the nines, it could be twisted-chic.

Les Petits Joueurs, designed by Mariasole Cecchi, translates to “the little players” – and it doesn’t get much more playful than this. While she lives in Sao Paolo, Cecchi has all of her designs produced by hand in Florence with the help of traditional artisans. The craftsmanship is there and the attitude is as lighthearted as you can get, but the question remains: should this necklace be reserved for “little players” only? On Luisa Via Roma for $256.



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