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Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection: Trip the Light Fantastic

It was virtually impossible not to love the sense of fantasy Marc Jacobs brought to NYFW. With sparkle and whimsy to spare, he created an alternate universe (along with the help of friend, artist, and set designer, Rachel Feinstein who created his “broken castle”) that could only exist in some people’s wildest dreams.

It shouldn’t have added up – gigantic fur hats right out of Dr. Seuss, unabashed mixed media, skirts with deliberately awkward hemlines – but just as bothThe Cat in the Hat and fashion eccentric Anna Piaggi were cited as inspirations, Marc’s acid-tripping pilgrims were absolutely irresistible. It was sparkle and dowdiness compounded into over 50 fascinating looks. This cocktail of slouchy suits, padded hips, rhinestone-buckled shoes, purposefully awkward hemlines, fur, and flash was so full of life it felt like it came out of the most astute child’s imagination – or one of today’s most prolific and gutsy designer.

The oversized top-handle bags, in offbeat shades of mustard and olive green, lacquered leather and gleaming ostrich (we are seeing so much high-shine skin this season!) were just the pairing to ground these wild looks and complete Marc’s character. This irreverent woman is something of a traveler and small-scale satchels would have completely thrown off the great proportions of the clothing. Sometimes bags steal the show and others they complement it. This is definitely a case of the latter, where all the elements came together in a most magical manner.



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  1. I am in LOVE with these bags. Drawn to the red because its Valentines Day. But really would buy the black but the gleaming ostrich is glam & I’d get that one because its my favorite. Top handle is so handy and would be great for travel.Marc Jacobs is so talented.Thanks Bag Snob Tina.