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Monika Chiang Fall 2012 Collection: City Slickness

You already know that Monika Chiang, already of an enviably formidable height herself, is a fan of high-heels. She sees height as something empowering, and the tall heel as a way to help a woman walk in and own a room. It’s no wonder her city-perfect Fall 2012 collection is all about long legs!

A mix of Monika’s staples, like skinny leather pants, gave way to new essentials, ideal for the wardrobe of any woman who might fancy herself an urban warrior. What to wear with fur military hats, wide-leg tweed trousers, and barely-there leather shorts? A high heel so unfussy that the heel itself is the centerpiece. Platformed Mary Janes and pointy-toed pumps might not be untouched territory, but it’s all about the personal touch, isn’t it? And Monika’s is strong. Aside from making you a good five to six inches taller, her stilettos have a simplistic sexiness few out there do these days. And there’s something to be said for that.



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