Original & Mineral Launches Stateside

Some of the best things come from down under (beaches, kangaroos, accents…!), and we can now add Original & Mineral to that mix. Previously only sold in Australia and New Zealand, it’s an ammonia-free line of hair dyes and haircare products that quite honestly I was only curious to try because of their unique packaging. Don’t the bottles look awesome? Kind of like retro milk containers! In looking more into the brand however I discovered that the clean packaging (made using recycled materials), is actually a reflection of their brand philosophy, which is to keep all of their products natural and gentle by removing harsh chemicals and opting instead for natural extracts and active minerals. They’re also one of the first brands to go ammonia-free with their dyes (the agent usually used to open hair cuticles to allow color to penetrate – it can be very harsh and was actually one of the factors that resulted in the brand founder being diagnosed with contact dermatitis).

While I haven’t used any of their permanent color products (they’re used in salons around the world), I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, which has build-in UV protection and is designed for those of us with colored hair. Its got a bunch of vitamins and amino acids and both are free of sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals that are often cause for concern. My test for hair products is always do I need to add some finger swipes of Oribe or Kerastase hair masks into the mix to de-tangle my long mane and with these products I didn’t. The shampoo is also quick to lather and both products hydrate without feeling like they were weighing my hair down, so no worries if you plan on using styling products post wash!

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