Snob Essentials

Pamela Love Fall 2012 Collection: True Grit

Pamela Love’s jewel line may be ever growing, but she is staying true to her aesthetic roots. Her gritty, mystical, ruggedly feminine roots – whether she’s imaginarily visiting Morocco (as she did last season) or she’s planted on the American plains. In case the chunky ear-cuffs, accented with Native American designs and turquoise chokers, as thick and bold as breastplates, didn’t give it away notice the dirt on the models’ faces. These are city girls who just got tossed onto the prairie!

But Pamela’s spikes and heft are not without delicacy. As in-your-face as her cutout cuffs, funky armbands, and geometric, deep-V, Aztec-influenced necklaces, her hand-touched feel remains. The looks are trendy for some (styled with undone canvas overalls and wife-beaters, you know there’s some humor at play – or at least, you hope) and classic for others: girls who liken themselves to modern hippies or urban gypsies, who like to pile on the silver and brushed gold and don’t mind getting a little dirty.



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