(Plā) Beauty Bronzer: Pounce on This Cougar

Animal instincts never hurt when it comes to makeup. (Plā) Beauty is in touch with theirs – their Cougar bronzer, in a spotty print, is fun and pleasing to the eye before you even apply it. And it has actual benefits once on the face, as well.

For bronzer, using a mix of colors is always a good idea. An ombré composition gives you a richer, enhanced glow with a natural effect, since it blends in with your skin tones. This combo is especially nice. It has the right shades of highlights and lowlights, infused with a pretty blush tone: an easy all-in-one, thanks to the spots, that comes with a slight shimmer. And don’t be put off if your skin is on the pale side; it isn’t as dark as you might think. The result is a very rosy bronze that actually works on most complexions.

I really love the company behind the product. Their environmentally friendly products are hypoallergenic and vitamin-enriched and proceeds go to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – this is a complexion-helping cougar with a cause. At (Plā) Beauty for $30 (pan) plus $34 (compact).

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