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Prada Spring Shoes: Prada Builds Hot Rods

Ready to rev your engines? These heels are crazy, cool, and wickedly creative, but wearable? Not so much. Miuccia was inspired by the auto-shop for spring, and these shoes are way hotter than anything burning up under the hood of your car. To say Prada is on fire is accurate in the most literal sense of the word, but wearing these shoes means you’re really trying too hard to get attention. You might as well actually put your pumps in flames!

The rose detail on the sandal adds to the retro-tacky vibe – think old-school tattoos, right off a mechanic’s bicep – but the wedge is, of course, the best pick. It’s the most flame-filled; if you’re gonna go for it, go all the way.

Maybe they should do a collab with Chevy and create a Prada edition Charger…BEST IDEA EVER! You heard it here first, so make sure to back me when I ask for a commission.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Rose-Toe Flame Sandal, $1,300.

Flame Slingback Sandal, $990.

Flame Wedge Sandal, $1,100.



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