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Raw Foodist Annette Larkins: Raw and Fabulous

It’s hard to believe it, but Annette Larkins is actually 70 years old. As in, in these photos right here, she is 70! She claims she has had no plastic surgery (you can tell – you don’t get that glow from having lots of work done), even though she is not opposed to it, so I guess when she turns 100 she will finally look 70!

Annette, who lives in Florida, has been eating completely raw for 27 years and attributes her youthfulness to this lifestyle. She grows all her own food in her garden, which she calls her “fountain of youth,” and she doesn’t consume any animal products. Nuts, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds: that’s it! Everything is as natural as can be; she even collects rainwater to water her plants. Up by 5:30 every morning, Annette doesn’t get sick; she doesn’t ever even consume so as much as an aspirin. And she even has two sons who are in their fifties! Whatever she has been doing, it’s working; her husband does not eat this way and he looks his age (and now he regrets not converting along with her decades ago).

I thought my mom looks good at 70 – this woman looks like she’s in her forties. Even though her results are unbelievable, I still don’t think I can eat raw…How about just organic? What will that get me?!

See her interview on WPTV.



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