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Sandra Dini Fire Opal Drop Earrings: Add Fuel to the Fire

Snap, crackle, pop: what a stunning color! Designer Sandra Dini is all about highlighting organic, earthy materials and leaving stones to their imperfect glory. But more than anything, these fire opal earrings are all about bright, piercing, pulsating color.

This hue of orange is so intense, it’s almost hypnotizing. I love the way Sandra has played up the stones by not messing with them too much; there is almost a liquid-like quality to these opals. The shapes are natural and the symmetry is off just-so – each drop is slightly different for genuine interest. This is a surefire way to light up a room without working too hard. With these burning beautifully from your earlobes, every eye will be on you. Available at Barneys New York.

Pair with: How do you compete with this kind of color? By going all out, a la Vivienne Westwood. Her cool-aqua dress, with soft folds of taffeta, will offer some ice to your fire. Keep all other accessories to an absolute minimum. On Luisa Via Roma for $1,111.



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