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Tiffany’s Engraved Jewels: Say It with Tiffany’s

The gift of jewelry is personal as it is, but a piece that’s been engraved just for you? That’s another level, one that’s meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Nobody knows this better than Tiffany & Co. Order one of their engraved designs by 12noon on February 13th, and a customized gift will be ready and shipped the next day, just in the nick of time.

A prime candidate for some personalization is the Tiffany Yours bangle ($450), a simplistic band of sterling silver with beaded edges. Or send a message no one will reject. The narrow “I Love You” bangle ($2,800) of 18-karat gold is as loud and clear as it gets, but the delicacy of this bracelet makes the proclamation more of a soft whisper.

Get your initials engraved for yourself, send a cute note to a best friend, or drop a hint to your significant other – no matter what, there’s something old-fashioned and tender about a classic engraving that can’t be forgotten.

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