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Armani Fall 2012 Collection: The Heat Is On

Who knew Armani had such amazing bags? Giorgio has turned up the heat for fall with an enticing array of Deco-chic clutches and killer shoulder bags. Intense, sultry colors (sexy shades of orange, hot pink, and cobalt set off by not-so-basic black) and a refreshing way with hardware will set these apart from the pack. They are also the perfect complement to Armani’s Fall 2012 ready-to-wear, which is his take on “rockabilly” style: loads of sizzling sunset-inspired colors (think flirty furs and silk cocktail dresses) mixed up with muted menswear and spicy oxfords.

I’m all about the rubberized chain-strap on bright-orange crocodile – such a smartly lightweight way to do bold hardware. And with double-sided compartments, this is a deceptively functional day-bag that can pump up any outfit. Super-textural pony-hair, for a reptilian effect, on an oversized clutch in bright magenta-pink is sleek yet intriguing. And I’m loving the splashes of animal prints. Only Armani can manage to make zebra-print look minimalist-chic!

4 thoughts on “Armani Fall 2012 Collection: The Heat Is On

  1. Anonymous on said:

    OMG! These are so hot. This is going to be a big year for handbags. I can’t believe the new styles.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Awesome collection what a lovely collection like it so much.

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  4. Wow. Great looking collection from Armani.

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