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Bottega Veneta Leather and Snakeskin Tote: Court and Spark


I’ve got a crush. An orange crush, to be specific. Forget lusting – I love this color! Bottega Veneta has wooed me again (the brand is a sneaky temptress), and I’m deeply coveting this splashy tote.

The bright color works because the bag has balance. Allover tangerine would be too much; subdued panels of snakeskin tone it down. Combined with weave (of course), the complementary trim and texture play make for a striking vision that maintains Bottega’s sense of classicism.

So it’s probably not the most practical bag on hand – a large tote with short handles is a chore to lug around – but who said love is logical? If you’re just toting your gear from the car to office, this is the best work bag ever. It’s big enough for laptop and iPad, and I’m pretty sure the snake handles can hold the weight.

Don’t even look at the gray version! It will ruin the entire bag for you; it has no spark and the creamy trim is horribly uncooperative. In this case, orange deserves all the love. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $3,880.

Pair with: Feel the love and embrace bright color this season. Camilla Skovgaard’s leather-and-patent Indochine sandals come in the most refreshing shade of Caribbean-sea turquoise. On Net-a-Porter for $600.



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  1. bagsnobKelly, you are killing me here!! I’m trying to wean myself off my Bottega addiction and now it’s back to square one!! This is an amazing bag. The colours of the new season are so delicious and I can just imagine the years of use this one will give to its lucky owner. 😉