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Bottega Veneta Oxidized Silver Zircon Necklace: Anna’s Addiction

I love these colorful baubles from Bottega Veneta. They look like gum drops and are beautifully made (I just picked up my first one, a rainbow mix, above). After I bought mine, I found out that Anna Wintour purchases one of their oxidized silver-and-cubic zircon necklaces per season. Layering them for a colorful splash against neutrals, animal prints, or more color, she is rarely seen without them. So it’s no surprise she’s actually been collecting them for years, in a variety of delectable colors and sizes.

I’m all for Anna’s timeless style. Say what you will about her, but the woman is chic! I see her at the shows each season but have never spoken a word to her. Last month, I found myself face to face with the famous Bob at the Plaza Hotel. She was coming out of the stall I was waiting for in the small bathroom in the bar (true story). It was all I could do not to pee on myself. She smiled and glanced me over – not so scary after all!

I probably won’t pick up a new one each season, but I will certainly layer mine with existing pieces. As Anna proves with her own rather eclectic mix, Bottega’s necklace is a great statement piece for anything, from a T-shirt and jeans to a cocktail dress and fur.

Multicolor Oxydized Silver Zircon Necklace
At Bottega Veneta for $2,000.



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  1. The Botegga necklaces are amazing…and also amazingly high priced…and I’m sure well worth it. BUT
    If you are looking for the Anna Wintour layering style, but not the huge price tag, my necklaces are be prefect. They are actually made entirely with vintage jewels from the 1950’s and I make them by hand, in several sizes and different shapes and a multitude of colors. I never skimp on quality and always include a pair of matching earrings with your order.
    Stop by for a peek!