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Butter London Launches Lippy

Butter London is a nail polish favorite — not to mention a leader when it comes to setting nail trends given how many runway shows they work on (Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Betsey Johnson, Vena Cava, Calvin Klein, Issa, and Rachel Zoe to name a few) — so it’s about time they branched out! This month they launched Lippy, a collection of five lip glosses ($17 each), designed to coordinate with five of Butter’s most popular polishes. The idea came from the S/S 2012 runway beauty trend of matching manicures, pedicures, and lips.

I actually rarely have matching manis/pedis (my toe nails are almost always crimson red, while my fingernails range from pale pink to dark blue), and have never thought to go out of my way to match my lips to my nails, but whether you get matching ones or mix and match it’s impossible to argue with the hot colors in this collection! Better yet, the colors cover the gamut from fuchsia to beige so they’ll go with a variety of skin tones/preferences. One thing to note however is that from trying these I can say the colors give pretty full coverage (even the beige gives more than a stain), so expect opaque coverage. As for the name if you were wondering, like I was, what in the world Lippy means, it’s British slang for someone who makes cheeky remarks…cute, no!?


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  1. I don’t always match my lips to my nails either, but I try to use complimentary colors so there’s no clashing going on :).

    I really like what I see of the Lippy line. I’m not sure how the beige would look on me, but it’s pretty in the tube.