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Charlotte Olympia Melody Raffia Platform Wedge Sandals: Three Cheers for Charlotte


When I tell people my name, it’s usually met with some amount of confusion. When they think of “Kelly Cook,” the image of a bubbly cheerleader comes to mind. I still feel a disconnect with this name. In high school I was kind of the opposite of a cheerleader; I was that girl in black who never wanted to get dressed for PE.

But maybe the name is growing on me and the connotation is instilling some of that cartwheeling, three-cheers spirit in me. Cuz these high-spirited raffia platforms with exaggerated pompoms are really calling my name! Well, it helps that Charlotte Olympia (always one to bring sophistication to retro whimsy) set the poufy balls in black, not some over-the-top configuration of orange and red. Plus, the black Xs match my general attitude of irreverence. You might not be able to leap like one, but there’s no doubt nearly 6” of height will make you feel as powerful as head cheerleader. On My Theresaicon for $1,369.

Pair with: A pleated skirt shows you’re a team player! Joseph’s accordion mini brings an extra dose of sass to these saucy shoes. At Barneys New York for $375.



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