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Christian Louboutin Ponyhair Messenger is Worth Prancing Around

This boxy messenger features leopard print ponyhair and red leather trim. Finished off with a thick strap and this bag is all good. Conceptually I even love the gold hardware sides. It gives it a defined, unique structure for a bag. But alas, perfection is not to be had. The hard shape and weight make this not the easiest bag to carry.

But who said Louboutin speaks to the practical girl anyway? The look is definitely fab, so what more do we need? After all, you are not doing construction or running a marathon with this on (it would surely hurt banging against your leg). So throw caution to the wind and deal with discomfort with a smile on your face: as in just work it girl!

On Barneys New York for $1895.



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  1. Hmmm. The shape definitely contrasts with Louboutin’s delicate, feminine shoes. A messenger bag is one of the most difficult shapes to pull off; only the boyish slim body type with no breasts and no butt can wear it (that’s why it looks so great on men). Otherwise, the strap ends up stuck between the boobs (unflattering and uncomfortable) and the bag lands at hip level (do you really want more volume or a focal point in that area??) My 2 cents…

    1. That’s a really good point! See, I have no boobs so to me, that would be a nice problem to have – boobs so big they are constantly in the way! HAHA!! But you are right, having a strap, especially one this thick, wedged between your cleavage is NOT a good look!! And I have no ass =(