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DDF Skincare Analysis: Technology is Skin-Deep

I had an in-depth skin analysis from DDF (Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula) at Sephora during Fashion Week. Consultants from the skincare line were doing a free cross-country tour throughout February, and I’m so happy I made it in. I have to thank Roy, the lovely skincare expert who helped me discover I’ve been treating my skin for the wrong reasons!

For ages, I’ve thought my biggest issue was wrinkles, but the machine analysis (taken with a handheld photosynthesis camera connected to an iPhone – so high-tech!) proved that wrinkles are the LEAST of my problems! From a scale of 1-10, I only scored a 1 in wrinkles (Phewwwww…)!

Apparently, I should be addressing the clarity of my skin-tone instead…since I have no wrinkles (LOL- but perhaps I don’t have wrinkles because I’ve been so aggressive with products the last 10 years)! DDF was founded by dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel, and their outlook is pretty simple: apply the medical practices of dermatology, bio-chemistry, and nutrition, and use four steps – cleanse, treat, moisturize, protect – to treat skin problems, like aging, acne, and hyper-pigmentation.

Roy spent a full 30 minutes with me, giving me an in-depth explanation about each of my concerns. He then suggested a full range of products for me. (keeping it more simple than my current routine) I’m going to use them for a month and come back with a full update for you!

Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, $98. This is your at home micro-derm kit. Once or twice a week to polish and prep your skin to better absorb your products.

Brightening Cleanser, $38. Roy chose this for me because it has glycolic acid to aid in brightening my skin tone.

Amplifying Elixir, $70. This is a powerful hydrating elixir that boosts skin’s moisture by 50%.

Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer, $85.

Protective Eye SPF, $52. Most eye creams do not have spf, which makes this a bonus during the day. Also makes a great make up primer.

Advanced Firming Eye Concentrate, $88. I got two eye creams because frankly I can not imagine using one with spf in the evening!

Weightless Defense, $52. Roy had to really talk me into this, I mean I’m used to heavier creams to fight wrinkles but he swore this has some sort of moisture release for up to 12 hours.

Sulfur Mask, $40. Totally excited about this mask, after just one use I already saw a big difference! My skin is smoother and has a brightness to it.




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  1. I use a couple of DDF items, the brightening wash, and then glycolic gel at night. I like them, but I would have loved to get my skin analyzed and make sure that I am using the right products. Let us know what you think in a month! (oh, my skin is pretty oily, so I could only use the night stuff, every other night. any more and I would wake up feeling greasy and breaking out!)