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Dr.Hauschka’s New Body Moisturizers

Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Body Moisturizer is one of my faves so I was excited to see that the branch launched three new formulations, each for a specific skin need and all with great aromatherapeutic properties! My local health food store has a big selection of Dr. Hauschka’s products and they’re very discerning about the beauty products they stock, so if you’re new to the brand trust that they’re one of the best in the organic/natural market (they’ve been around since 1967!). Body moisturizer isn’t the most exciting product and it’s rare to have ones worth mentioning, but given the upcoming seasonal transition it’s the perfect time to try-out one of these chemical-free newbies.

My favorite out of the bunch – and if you like it L’Occitane Almond Firming Milk Concentrate it will be yours too – is Almond. It’s meant for extremely dry sensitive skin, which according to the IOMA scan I did I have, but it’s not as thick as most super moisturizing body creams are (mostly because those tend to be butters…). It’s formulated with pure essential almond oil, quince, marshmallow (who knew!?), and extracts of St. John’swort and anthyllis. Also new is Lemon Lemongrass, which is more of an invigorating moisturizer (good to sooth muscles if you’re not into mint). It’s formulated with lemon and quince seed extract. The last one is Lavender Sandalwood, which they call their balancing moisturizer and it’s made with extracts of lemon balm and wood sorrel balance, macadamia nut, apricot kernel, and avocado oils.


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  1. I’m a big fan of Dr. Hauschka’s products, and these three new moisturizers all sound awesome. Almond should work well for me, since I have dry and sensitive skin also. Thanks for the review!