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DuePunti Rubber Rings with Diamonds: Rubber Soul

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no matter how your gem is wrapped…even if it’s encased in rubber! DuePunti is Italian for “two points” (referring to the two-point diamonds they use, but also, how appropriate for a brand bringing together two seriously different jewelry styles?). Designed by the son of an Italian diamond dealer, DuePunti wanted to offer some sparkle to everyone. Who knew the odd-couple blend would look so pleasing?
Pick your favorite shade of the rainbow. The rings come in 19 colors, from baby-doll pink to deep teal to candy red. Black is the obvious chic choice, but I like the mix of colors! Layer them, clash, and coordinate to your hearts content. This is stackable fun with a just a hint of icy glimmer.
Curated by NYLON fashion editor Dani Stahl on AHALife for $98 (for a single), $190 (for a duo), and $285 (for a triple set).

Pair with: Suddenly struck with rubber fever? Anya Hindmarch’s Valorie clutch now comes in sugary-coral matte-rubber, with a semi-transparent finish for an intriguing look.
On Net-a-Porter for $395.



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