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Enamel Bracelets: Wear One, Wear All

No, it’s not just for old ladies in Palm Beach. Enamel bracelets are a fun way to add a burst of color to any outfit (at any age), especially during the summer months. I wear stacks of them in various sizes and patterns for a funky armful of enamel. I love to hear them clang against each other. These Hermès Point d’Orgue  bangles (narrow for $450 and extra wide for $700) are like looking through kaleidoscopes. Each has it’s own geometric array of color.

If you want to wear several like I do but want a frugal option, check of the J. Crew two-tone oval bangles ($35). There’s three color ways to choose from. My favorite for summer is the nautical blue and white, which would look perfectly preppy on its own. This Bottega Veneta cuff ($5,250) is chic enough to hold its own also, with rigid shapes and rich jewel-tone enamel.

And don’t think enamel just comes in fun colors. It comes in fun shapes too, like this Aurelie Bidermann coral bracelet ($1,700). It’s more of a statement piece, not a pile-on style, but it’s a vivid, bright color for summer, which is just what the season needs.



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