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Giggle Sleep Sheep Snug Rug: The White Sheep of the Family


The way I see it, little tots who are just starting to explore always end up on the floor anyway, so why not just accept it and make it a cozier place for them? Giggle seems to have the same idea. Their Sleep Sheep Snug Rug (try saying that five times fast! Luckily, this lamb is more comfortable than its tongue-twister title) is a super-fluffy floor pillow that also doubles as a naptime buddy. Or an all-the-time buddy. Seriously, this thing is so soft and inviting, your tot won’t want to put it down.

Use it as a padded rug or play area (it has a no-slip bottom so this sheep isn’t going anywhere), then toss it in the washing machine and they can rest on it as an old-fashioned pillow. This is the perfect instant home away from home when you’re on the road. Forget about counting sheep – all they need is this one! At Giggleicon for $50.



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