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Golden Skin Deserves Golden Neckwear

A golden tan this season requires a heavy metal necklace, preferably in gold. A perfect example: this piece from Solange Azagury-Partridge. Outrageously priced, yes, but oh so chic! The geometric shape is composed of little triangular pieces that give it a bit of an edgy look. It’s apparent an enormous amount of gold and handiwork was put into this exquisite piece, but seriously now, 24.5k is a bit steep for a gold necklace sans diamonds, even for a jewel snob! Still, I do love the look and for those with very discerning taste, it’s the perfect daily piece for sun-kissed skin.

Looking for something similar but with less of an investment? Frugal snobs can steal this look with the Charles Albert chopstick version. Not exactly the same I know, but it’s only $150 bucks on Shopbop and you still get the geometric flash of gold on your bronzed skin.

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