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Gucci Toddler’s and Little Girl’s Ear Headband: All Eyes and Ears


As you know, I have mixed feelings condoning chi-chi Gucci for little girls, but as with their kids’ sunglasses, sometimes their accessories are too cute to pass up. Like this adorable headband.

We can probably thank – or rather, grumble to – Louis Vuitton for popularizing bunny ears for adults back in 2009, but teeny-tiny critter ears on your little girl? Perfectly cute, perfectly appropriate. And besides, these delicate ears are more baby bear cub than sexy bunny, thank goodness. Normally, Gucci’s signature GG print would look showy (as in too tot-snobby), but the ears inject a sense of humor into the logo madness. And besides, these headbands, in beige and navy, are on sale! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $109.99 (from $220).

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