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Ineke Otto Nature Necklace: You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

Earth Day, anyone? Ineke Otto’s tongue-in-cheek take on nature is unique from most jewel designers: whimsical to the max and you’ve got to be in on the joke. I don’t know about you, but some days it sounds pretty appealing to transform into a garden fairy. And what could be more appropriate for the first days of spring, especially Easter, than this vivaciously grassy necklace?

Enormous round beads of freshly watered “plastic grass” clearly make this a bit too cartoonish and exaggerated for serious wear, so you must go all-out earth goddess or over-the-top ironic. An attempt to be all sophisticated would show you missed the point entirely – and then the joke would be on you. So get festive for April 22nd (that’s Earth Day this year) and flaunt your close relationship with nature! On Luisa Via Roma for $341.

Pair with: Bring a bonfire to this meadow with Giuseppe Zanotti’s hot-orange suede wedges, with perfectly organic woven wedges, and you’ll show you have humor to spare. On Ssense for $895.



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