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IOMA Launches Body Products

IOMA, a Saks exclusive in Manhattan and California, just launched in the U.S. late last year, but they’ve become so popular that they’re already introducing their body range in the States (its been a top seller in high-end department stores in France for awhile). The line will also be launching in Harrod’s. Just like with their face care, all of IOMA’s body care products are backed by endless amounts of research and give customers the option to track their progress over time by taking various measurements (this service is free), before they start using the products and then at subsequent intervals (read more about this here).

I stopped by their counter at Saks the other day to check-out the new body products and there were some definite standouts. Their Purify Body Scrub ($60) is made with small grains to gently exfoliate the skin and because it’s a milk-based formula the texture becomes a lotion and the grains dissolve once you massage the scrub into your skin (ie you won’t find grains left over on your shower flower or skin!). Another favorite was the Hand Cream ($75). I sampled the tiniest amount and my god was it smooth! My hands were velvety soft and it really only took a drop. I’d highly recommend using their Elbow and Knee Cream ($95) if your knees/elbows are damages (especially now that winter is winding down). Apply some of the cream and then exfoliate (you want to avoid exfoliating skin first if it’s damaged). The range also includes a Body Cream ($95), a Slimming and Countering Gel ($115), and a Soothing Gel for Legs ($75). While both gels felt nice against my skin, they’re not the most hydrating so if you buy either of them plan on following them up with a moisturizer. All of the products are free of artificial fragrances (so they work for both men, women, and those with sensitive skin), but the natural ingredients used leave each of them smelling light and fantastic!


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