It Cosmetics Nail and Cuticle Treatment Pen: Show Some Love

Usually, I’m not forced to get a manicure because my polish has chipped – that’s rarely the problem. I have to get my nails done when my cuticles become unmanageable. To extend your time enjoying perfectly groomed fingers (because isn’t that what we all want?!), cuticle oil is key. But just dabbing oil over and over is not enough to keep your nails contained for more than a few days.

Enter a new problem-solver. This pen by It Cosmetics comes with a rubber cuticle tool to push them back and makes sure they behave. Think of it as cuticle discipline! The Nail Love pen  prevents dry cuticles, which I have a habit of haphazardly picking at, making things worse. It’s a quick and easy process. Keep one in your cosmetic pouch in your bag, so when you spot a wayward fingertip or find yourself with a few moments of boredom, you can give yourself a one-minute manicure. On Amazon for $13.99.

2 thoughts on “It Cosmetics Nail and Cuticle Treatment Pen: Show Some Love

  1. Very nice! I have a bad habit of picking my cuticles when they get dry too. This pen is ideal for a quick manicure fix.

  2. This is awesome. My cuticles are always dry and I have hang nails galore, this would be the perfect tool for me. Thanks!

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