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Jil Sander Net-Overlay Beanie: Cool Beans

This hat is actually a beanie with a veil over it. Sounds tragic but in fact, it is super-chic. Not only was Jil Sander’s haticon ($439) a recent Fashion Week scene-stealer, spotted on the likes of models and editors alike (Anna Dello Russo was the first, when she snagged it right off the Spring 2012 runway), this Stephen Jones design is so fab, it sold out within hours. What’s a girl to do?

I believe you can make this yourself. Just get a knit beanie – Bop Basics ($68) is perfectly simple – and find similar netting at a fabric store (or on Etsy, where they have bird-cage veils that match this perfectly). The veil is simply tacked on the back, so you don’t see any stitches, I can’t sew but even I think I can pull this off. I’m just going to grab a needle and some embroidery thread, fold the net over so it falls properly, and keep it secure with a couple of stitches!

Sure, it was first seen on the runway, but you can easily adapt this to real life – evenings, of course. I haven’t been this excited about a hat since I threw Tina a hat party for her baby shower!



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