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Katy Perry x Louboutin Pilule Bag

I am impressed with Katy Perry’s dedication to match her ensembles with her hair color du jour! This month, she is all about her Smurf inspired blue hair. I once dyed my hair blue for a TV segment when I was a television host in Asia. If you do not keep it up, it can turn shades of moldy green! But back to Katy and the whimsical ‘Pilule’ bag from Monsieur Louboutin’s 25th anniversary Limited Edition Capsule Collection she wore in Paris earlier today. The blue and white resin handbag with metal chain strap perfectly matches her outlandishly chic electric blue Viktor &Rolf coat.

What do you think of the bag?

7 thoughts on “Katy Perry x Louboutin Pilule Bag

  1. Love her coat and shoes! The bag, however, is just silly.

  2. Sandra Rowley on said:

    CL should stick to shoes.

  3. Yes loving the Shoes and Coat. Colours are nice as well.

  4. Capsule Collection! Take one when feeling blue.

  5. we I can buy this great bag ?

  6. The bag is cute and totally Katy Perry!

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