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Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker: Rainbow Bright

I have a rainbow maker for my tots in their room and they love it! The downside is it is battery operated and takes up room in their already cramped space (it has a rather large base). But I found this alternative space-saver option.

Unlike the one we have, which does not teach about light and spectrum, this one uses natural sunlight and a prism and is – wait for it – solar powered! Best of all, it has a suction cup that sticks to the window to get all the light it needs. And doesn’t take up precious space. Brilliant, right?

I got mine at the Science Center in LA, which has the coolest stuff. But you can get one cheaper on Amazon. (Isn’t that true for everything?) There’s nothing like waking up to a rainbow every morning to start the day bright!

On Amazon for $19.95 (versus the $29.99 I paid at the Science Center!).



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