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McQ Stepney Tote: Fun in the Sun

My new favorite jeans are my DL 1961 hot pink Angels and the only thing to wear with them to enhance and not distract from the amazing color is blue. I’ve worn this “look” so much now that people are starting to think I have only one outfit. So when I saw this McQ neoprene tote in bright pink and navy, my first reaction was, “Is this a custom bag for MOI?” Imagine my delight!

The shape is just okay, but neoprene for summer is pretty brilliant. And a shocking bit of pink always speaks to me. I mean, it is so cute! This doubles as a gym bag or pool/beach tote. Lay this down in a puddle because who cares, it’s waterproof! Just be careful of the handles, which are leather. The interior is not waterproof either; so don’t put wet suits or towels in there.

I love shopping for summer bags because all you have to worry about is fun! And that’s exactly what you get with this pretty in pink tote.

On ShopBop for $625.



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