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Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub: Wash ‘n’ Fold


Seriously, now that my tots have grown out of needing these things, all the cool stuff comes out! This collapsible tub is the most ingenious thing I have ever seen. Bathtubs are usually hard to store, annoyingly bulky when they aren’t being used, and constantly in the way. The Naked Collapsible baby bathtub addresses that issue and more!

The unique design features two fold-down legs, and the tub itself collapses so you can easily tuck it in the corner once splash-time is over. But it’s a one-piece design with no loose ends. And not only does it store easily, it also expands and grows with your tot from newborn to toddler. And this means you only need one tub! (I got three different ones that are all now taking up room in my garage.) This tub is even compact enough to take on the road with you (but stick to road trips – you wouldn’t want to pack this in a suitcase!). At Giggleicon for $60.



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  1. This is awesome, I wish they had this when my daughter was under 1 yrs of age…but I found the next best thing for my 2 yr old tot…THE FLEXI BATH by Prince Lionheart!! I’m still hesitant about placing my child in the bath tub w/ only a rubber mat (for some reason it just doesn’t seem safe and hygenic, the mat). Life saver!!! was still bathing her in the old school tot’s bath tub…legs sticking out and all but now she has all the room to wiggle her body. I like it bc it’s not too wide and not too narrow just right so your tot stays put but long enough for their legs to stretch and deep enough to cover their precious body from the cold air. They have 4 colors, but I wish the clear color was available in the states b/c then you can take it to the beach and the kids can make a mini aquarium out of it…will be waiting!