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Pamela Love Burnished-Silver Heart Locket Necklace: In Matters of the Heart

Embracing true love requires a true heart, and nothing is truer – at least anatomically – than this heart locket. The words “Pamela Love” and “heart locket” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, so it’s no shock that this designer’s take is uncommon. With an attraction to nature’s grit and the eerily supernatural, Pamela has delivered an organic heart that seems to possess some black magic.

All those carved veins are darkly romantic; the slight macabre feel only adds to the appeal. Then there’s the Chinese in me, forcing me to think of putting chicken versions of this on a stick and barbecuing them! But that’s not to say I can’t enjoy a heart dangling from my neck, too. Or did I just totally kill the allure? On Net-a-Porter for $650.

Pair with: Give a wink to your Gothic pendant with hearts of a more innocent nature. Marc by Marc Jacobs’s Light-Heart silk pants show off your capacity to love all kinds of hearts. On Ssense for $300.



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