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Perfect Formulas Strong Daily Moisture: Quench Your Nails

The instant my nail polish comes off (which I’ll admit isn’t for very long, as I’m addicted to new polish colors) I realize how dry my nails are. Or at least that’s what I think – they just look thirsty to me. I’ve found the, ahem, perfect libation for them. Perfect Formula Strong Nail Daily Moisturizer is just what dry, brittle nails crave, especially during the time of the year when our skin seems to turn pasty the instant we leave the house.

Made with keratin and jojoba oil, it nourishes and replenishes your nails and cuticles. Since the main protein comprising nails is keratin, this extra boost helps strengthen them. The jojoba oil is similar to our skin’s natural lubricant. It deeply penetrates and moisturizes, making your fingertips healthy as can be. Strengthening your nails insures your manicure lasting longer. So, when you moisturize the rest of your body, don’t forget your nails – they need a good hydrating cocktail every now and again, too. At Sephora for $29.



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