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Plukka Diamond Hoops: Easy on the Ear


It’s rare you find fine delicacy that makes such a strong statement. But Plukka’s unique take on diamonds and gold does just that. They’ve got a new view for the classic diamond hoop, and the outcome is three exquisite examples of casual-luxe.

Eighteen-karat rose gold (a great tone for tan skin) has been given a major upgrade. Each of these earrings is fully covered with diamonds (approximately one carat each) and, needless to say, simply stunning. The Carrey earringsicon ($2,200), a wide teardrop finished off with a precision-perfect pattern of paisley latticework, and the Iznikicon ($1,950), elongated triangles for a dramatic effect, are equally alluring. My favorite are the cloud-inspired Nuage hoopsicon ($2,300), with oval scalloped edges – airy and romantic.

Whether you want to dress up jeans or compliment a cocktail dress, these shimmering jewels are all you need to stand out this season. Since all of Plukka’s jewels are custom-made, the wait is usually one month. But they are on sale right now, until March 29th. Don’t waste any time upgrading your summer jewel wardrobe!

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