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Prada Spring Runway Clutches: Flames of Desire

Prada’s gawk-worthy spring shoes might look sizzling hot, what with all those three-dimensional flames bursting from the heels, but they’re not exactly, you know, wearable. The bags out of the runway collection, on the other hand, are a much better approach to this pulp-fiction theme – you can hop on board the racetrack without going all out.

Tattoo-inspired flames are on the subtle side (it’s all relative), with a coat-of-arms-style emblem at the closure of the Flame clutch ($580). Or if you prefer to keep your fire contained, opt for the engine-red continental wallet ($580), for a flash of trendiness when you open your tote.

A retro car that’s either in the midst of a Grease-style drag race or on the run from the law might sound like a completely loco concept for a clutch. But Miuccia’s vivid imagination makes a conversation piece out of an otherwise simple metallic pouch ($895). Ready, set, go!

At Neiman Marcus (Clutches are available for pre-order and expected to ship by April 9th).



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  1. The creativity is terrific. I would never purchase any of the Prada car related products because they would be dated so quickly. If you spend your money on things fabulous, but more timeless, it makes more sense to me.