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Renee Rouleau Post Breakout Fading Gel: A Red Blemish Life Saver!

A few months back I had a huge blemish on my right cheek that would not go away. It never came to head as a pimple, just a giant red bumpy blemish that no amount of squeezing would rid of. I finally had enough of this red bump, so I went to a dermatologist who managed to extract this cyst (which was caused by a clogged pore).

So my red bump was gone but in its place, I was left with a gaping hole that later scarred. I turned to skin expert Renee Rouleau and asked her what I should do. She immediately sent me a bottle of her Post Breakout Fading Gel (.5 oz for $29.50) that I’ve used diligently for almost 10 weeks now. My scar is not completely gone, but it is noticeably lighter compared to blemishes I’ve had in the past that would take months to lighten.

If you are prone to adult acne, I highly recommend getting a bottle of this to save the day next time you find yourself staring at a red invasion on your face. I used the gel in combination with Renee’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel (kind of an obsession of mine. I even travel with it and have to use it 3 times a week or I’m just not the same!)



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  1. I just ordered this and the cystic acne serum from the same company to give it a whirl. Half the time, these companies just prey on women who are desperate not to look like lepers, but this product has gotten decent reviews and the website is informative–not just full of fluff.

    For the record, my cystic acne was not a problem until I got onto the Mirena IUD, which I later had removed due to the negative side effects. I had the IUD in for a little over 4 years, and I’m now just trying to repair my skin damage from all that crap. The cysts are coming up less regularly, just need them to heal more quickly.

    If it doesn’t work as promised, it sure cost a lot of money…

  2. @Arek I’ve been using the cystic acne serum, and it’s the *only* thing I’ve found that helps. It works best if you start applying it as soon as you feel the cyst forming. Since I’ve been using it my cysts haven’t been nearly as big and they go away much more quickly – definitely worth trying!