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Shawish Jewelry All-Diamond Ring: A Diamond in the Rich

Meet the first all-diamond ring in the world, meaning the entire thing, including the band, is cut from a singular, light-catching stone. Shawish Jewelry, a luxury brand out of Geneva, obtained the copyright (after a year of efforts) and performed multiple tests on the ring, using special laser equipment to get the cut just right.
My first thought was: you can’t resize this perfectly preserved gem, so not only are there a mere handful of people who could – and would – buy it, the ring also needs to be a precise Cinderella fit. That narrows potential customers down to, like, two people in the world. And that’s about all who can afford it. For $68 million, it has 150 carats, making the cost $450,000 per carat. It’s gorgeous, of course, but it also kind of looks like a Baccarat crystal ring.
Call me a realist, but if he really loves you, he will deposit the $68 million in the bank for you instead. Cuz even though Neiman takes Visa now, they still don’t take diamonds!

Via Gawker

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