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Sisley-Paris Phyto-Blanc Intensive Lightening Serum: Lighten Up!

Not only did I use a SPF 50 daily the week I spent under the sizzling Miami sun, I was never without my hat and stayed under an umbrella until at least 3pm daily. Despite my (extreme) efforts, I still came home with what seems to be new sunspots and freckles on my face!

I was always told that pigmentation on Asian skin may be heat-activated, even without actual sun exposure. Guess it’s really true! I need to try the new Sisley-Paris Phyto-Blanc Intensive Lightening serum, ASAP. With a prolonged release of Vitamin C, it guarantees to reduce the intensity of brown spots, prevent new ones from forming, and genuinely lighten the skin to its “natural radiance” after four weeks of application (and for the hefty price, I have a feeling it should work). Which is about as long as I need – I’m heading back to Asia this summer and last thing I need is my Chinese aunts harping on my freckles and giving me lectures on staying out of the sun. At Bergdorf Goodman for $345 (for 10 oz.).



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  1. That is quite a hefty price, but if it works, it’s worth it! Sunspots can really be annoying, especially when you do your best to protect your skin against them.

  2. Hey Tina, I read your blog everyday. Saw this posting and wanted to give some advice . I bought a product through my dermatologists office per her recommendation and have been using it for a couple of weeks on hyperpigmented spots and wow do I see a difference. The product is called ReBrightalyze Enhancement Therapy (Replenix) (60 Pads). I purchased it throught my dermatologists office $70.00 but found it on a web-site called $46.00. You have to mix 2 bottles and pour over the pads and then wipe pads in areas needed. Very impressed with this. Hope this helps. And thank you for all the great advice you put out.

  3. tina,
    dare i recommend a product that is much easier on the wallet– and equally/more effective?
    i absolutely swear by Paul & Joe Whitening Essence. It’s manufactured by Albion, a leading Japanese skin care company.
    just thought i’d add 🙂

  4. Hey snobs, just got a bottle of this and have to say– OBSESSED! I also love the fact that it’s botanical and not full of scary chemicals– xo