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The Row Twin Mini Messenger: Tiny Bag, HUGE Price

Are you kidding me? I love The Row, but nowhere near enough to drop this much on this “Mini” bag. This tiny (read: 5 inches by 7 inches) bit of ostrich and lizard is nearly five grand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the materials and the juxtaposition of textures, but it pretty much looks like a cosmetic pouch with a strap on it. Sure, it has a cool double sided Siamese twin pouch in two-tone tan, which is good for remembering what is in which side. But I just cannot understand a so-so design for an investment amount of money that could go very far at any other luxury brand, Hermes included!

Anything more than $1,500 for this would be out of control, but $4,700? That’s just beyond comprehension

At Barneys New York for $4,700. Comes in a variety of colors including a purple that’s cute, but not cute enough.



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  1. When I visited some exotic tanneries in Milano the ostrich was about $80 per skin and it came in a variety of colors, I would say one skin is more than enough ostrich to make this bag, so with that said, where did they come up with this price? If the bags are made in NYC the cost for the labor should be about $75-$125 for the labor of this small bag, and the cost for the other skin I am not sure, but with the normal retail market – I am not sure how they come to the cost of $4,700.00

    The cost to make this bag should be around $200-maybe $250 so it should retail around $1500 give or take a few. Simple retail math and the cost of raw materials and labor does not add up to $4700 no mater how I try to do it…

  2. Tara, thanks for shedding some light on production costs. I agree it is way too much money. As a consumer, I don’t think the Row has enough seniority or prestige in the fashion world to command such prices. This price tag is on par with, if not more than, a coveted Chanel. I mean, this is truly for people with money to blow because the design is way too simplistic.

  3. maybe I’m saying something thats already been said a million times before but they really have shown anything worth the ridiculous prices they are putting on the tags. i mean seriously these girls were hawking bags out of kmart 10 years ago. and i feel like i could have found a version of this bag then or at their terrible quality line at jcp