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Today’s Hair Trend: Add a Pop of Color

The Pop Of Color (POC) process is not to be confused with “chunking” of hair; rather, it’s a play on highlights and lowlights. Hmmm, sounds like another hair trend that will surely be abused in real life, thanks to colorful Katy Perry and various Sesame Street characters. But if done subtly (read: color options not involving the rainbow) POC can work. I love how the strawberry blonde highlights look on this model’s ash blonde hair. The color brightens her face and draws attention to her eyes. The contrast frames her well.

I don’t recommend a DIY operation with POC hair. Leave it to the trained professionals since the process is very specific. Highlighting or lowlighting sections like this can go a rye if not applied correctly. (After all, we don’t see Ms. Perry making appearances with ill-processed least not unintentionally.) So, what do you think of this hair trend, yay or nay?





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