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Yvonne Ryding Instant Repair and Body Oil: Smooth Ryde

I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I’m developing extremely dry heels! They’re impenetrable; nothing has worked, not even my trusty Aquaphor. During my week in Miami, it got worse. So I tried something new. I started using Yvonne Ryding‘s Instant Repair ($25) on my scary, cracked heels and within 24 hours, they were smooth and soft.

Yvonne was Miss Universe in 1984 and now she devotes herself to her all-natural and paraben-free skincare line (no alcohol and mineral oils either). The brand has only been available in her native Sweden, until now. Developed by Europe’s top scientists, the former beauty queen knows what she’s doing (and she also knows a few things about how travel can wreak havoc on your skin).

Made of beeswax and Vitamin E, I even used the Instant Repair on the ends of my hair on the beach. I am completely obsessed with it. I wish it came in gallon size because I would love to bathe my entire body in the stuff! To quell my desire, I also got a bottle of Yvonne’s Body Oil ($48). With avocado and lavender oil, it conditions from head to toe right after the shower. I mix it with my current Fresh Body Lotion – it’s a great way to use less and ease up on the grease of oil. Available at Yvonne Ryding.



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