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Babyhome Dream Cot: Sweet Dreams


The name does not lie, or even exaggerate. This is, in fact, the dream cot. Bassinets look romantic, but they really don’t have as much real-life function as you need. Babyhome’s cot not only gives you an option for co-sleeping in your room, you also can wheel it out to the living room during the day, and then collapse it for travel. There is also a rocking feature: with one quick flip of a latch, this sleep machine goes from stationary to smooth rocking.

It also comes with a high-density, breathable mattress for extra comfort, two fitted sheets, and a travel bag. Plus, the entire fabric construction can be removed and washed without much fuss, and the frame is super-lightweight aluminum. Need I say more?

Between my sister and me, I have acquired so many bassinets and sleeping systems, it’s ridiculous. And not at all necessary! All you need is a single good one that can multi-task. Even though the price seems steep, consider the long-term savings, in both money and storage space. At Giggleicon for $299.



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