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Benefit The POREfessional: Seek Professional Help

I have fairly good skin, but sebaceous glands around my nose, chin and forehead area have caused noticeable pores. I don’t like powder (too, well, powdery and unnatural), and I find grease-blotting papers to leave a weird film, so I was excited to receive a tube of The POREfessional from Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit has been on a winning streak as of late, and I have to say this balm delivers as promised. It is lightweight and translucent, and pores literally disappear immediately. The texture, however, is kind of strange, and I am worried about the ingredients listed on the back of the box. I don’t recognize any of them, except silica and titanium dioxide/iron oxide. The rest of the list looks quite frightening (I don’t like the word triethoxycaprylsilane, for example!). A doctor friend once told me the longer the word, the worse the chemical. So I’ll be using this very sparingly around my nose area, and probably only for photos! At Sephora for $29.



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  1. Interesting! I too am wary of ingredients with super-long names, and I’ve never come across triethoxycaprylsilane before! I’m sure the product will be fine for occasional use :).

  2. Full disclosure…I work for Benefit…but I truly LOVE this product. The texture is unique it’s less slippery than some of the other primers out there and so far no weird reactions on anyone. I hope you continue to get great results