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Billion Dollar Brows The Brow Buddy Kit: For Brows That Wow

This kit is a bit complicated, but for those who need a full tutorial on how to get perfect brows, the Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Buddy will get you started.

The tool that looks like a navigation compass lets you know exactly where your brows should start and end, which is of utmost importance if you want credible brows (ie not a Groucho Marx look). There is a rule that the inner brow should start in a very particular place: if you put a pencil from your outer nose to the inside corner of your eyes, you’ll find it. And the ends of your brows should stop at the outer corner of your eyes (using the same technique). These sound like very esoteric instructions!

The best part of this kit is the Brow Buddy tool that removes all that confusion. The white stencil and all the fuss are really not necessary; they just make everything overly complicated. Use the tool, holding it up at varying brow points, so you get an idea of where they should be, arch included. If you need to, use the white pencil to mark your spot.

You can get the complete kit that comes with the actual powder, but if you already have your own brow pencils and what not, you only need this handy tool. On Amazon for $35.



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