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Boost Your Sunscreen: Save Face

You think your foundation with SPF sunscreen is enough coverage for most days? Think again! An article from the Wall Street Journal states that only one out of five people wear sunscreen correctly and consistently each day! The article breaks down what you actually need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays:
1. Antioxidant Day Cream
2. Sunscreen (a shot glass full!)
3. Foundation Makeup with SPF

As if we don’t already put enough stuff on our face each morning! Antioxidant cream helps prevent rays from causing free-radical damage; and while sunscreen is an obvious step, the newest are “broad spectrum,” meaning they protect from UVA rays, in addition to UVB (even if you have SPF50 on, if you’re not combating UVA, you’re getting sun damage). Foundation makeup is your extra shield; think of it as a final layer to ensure your precious face doesn’t get penetrated by nasty beams (like zinc oxide!).
I have been using a broad spectrum SPF50 BB cream since last summer, and even though I don’t use foundation, I still feel protected since it blocks both UVB and UVA rays. I use this religiously each day, even on rainy days! But now I’m researching a good antioxidant cream to use under my sunscreen to protect from free radicals.
Here are few options, so you’re covered for each of the three steps:

100% Pure Organic Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Cream
On Amazon for $22.50.

Lavanila The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 Face Cream
At Sephora for $28.

Citrix Antioxidant Sunscreen with SPF30
On Dermstore for $23.10.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF35
At Sephora for $39.

Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance Enhancing Flawless Foundation with SPF20
At Sephora for $48.



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  1. Thanks for linking to the article; it’s very informative! I use both sunscreen and foundation with SPF in the summer, but I need to look into purchasing an antioxidant cream as well. The Acai Berry cream looks nice!

  2. Great info!
    Does vitamin c drops work as an antioxidant cream? Also, I’m still having a hard time finding sunscreens and primers that ‘dont

  3. I wear sunscreen everyday plus moisterizer and I wear either a foundation or tinted moisterizer. Can anyone tell me which order I should put these products on? Should I put moisterizer on then sunscreen then foundation? Or sunscreen, moisterizer then foundation? Seems like if I put too many things on top of sunscreen it will dilute the sunscreen?

    1. Wendy, it should be the antioxidant cream first, the sunscreen next and the foundation last. The foundation goes last so you can get the full benefit of what the foundation is primarily used for- to even out skintone.