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Dannijo Benj Cuffs: This Won’t Sting A Bit

Oh, stingray! How I love your glamorously bumpy, oh-so mysterious, enduringly fetching skin! And Dannijo, I have to thank you for making it super-accessible and frugal-friendly!

Still fighting an addiction to colorblocking? I know how you feel. These bangle-cuff bracelets are a perfect way to satisfy your craving and still help wean you off big chunks of color. Consider them wrist rehab! At 1” wide, these two-tone cuffs will induct just a jolt of hue, without taking over your whole look (and that never goes out of style).

Black and white has a graphic-mod feel, but I can’t resist the ingeniously clashed pairing of hot pink and red, especially with a turquoise interior. But who are we kidding here? In the case of these bracelets, it’s sooo much more about texture than color. On Ssense for $260.



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