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D&G Printed Quilted Silk-Twill Shoulder Bag: Let’s Get Loud

In concept, I love this D&G bag: a shoulder-tote style, with contrasting front and back patterns, that folds fluidly into a clutch. Three bags in one – sounds like a great deal, right? But, alas, concept and execution can be two very different things.

Three-for-one does not a bargain make when the bag in question is made of delicate silk (a bag made to live several different lives should be able to withstand the elements).  For a thousand bucks. Not only is the bag loud – a purposely gaudy motif and electric-sherbet colors – this one’s a screamer (though I appreciate the homage to ‘80s Versace). The design is versatile, but the rest sure isn’t.

And worse, I can imagine how quickly dainty silk-twill will tear, ravel, and run. Even crazier than the Versailles-on-crack aesthetic, it sold out on Net-a-Porter in a mere matter of hours! Nothing makes sense to me anymore.

You’ve heard my opinion, loud and clear. What do you think: snob or slob?

On Net-a-Porter for $955.



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  1. I’m SO glad you mentioned ’80s Versace. My thoughts exactly! It’s like 80’s Versace and Chanel got together, and this is their horrific love child! And while I love Versace and Chanel both separately, I am surprised a label as big as D&G would “knock off” their looks in such a blatant way.